Why Dogs chew themselves

Its okey for dogs to occasionally chew on their body such as feet, ears, rails and the rest. They do that to groom themselves and also to alleviate irritating areas of their body. This behavior is typical when humans scratch their bodies.
However if you notice that that your dog constantly chew on his body then it could be a sign of problem. Watch closely to observe if the chewed area becomes inflamed, red, furless or even injured. There are lots of factors that may cause your dog to chew on themselves constantly and if you don’t tackle the issue it would definitely result in other complication. The factors are reasons why your dog may excessively chew on themselves.
Dry Skin – Dry skin can be caused as a result of too frequent bathing. When you bath dogs too frequently it can cause the natural oils on their skin to dry off. So avoid bathing your dogs too frequently. Once in 2 weeks is fine or when they become smelly or dirty. Dry skin can also be caused as a result of dehydration, malnutrition (Lack of fatty acids), Cold weather, or hot and dry weather. When your dog’s skin becomes dry they would start it would start irritating them. Your dog may begin to chew on himself as a way to relieve itching dry skin.
Ticks, fleas and other parasites – parasitic infestation has the potential to cause your dog dry skin. You should do all you can to keep your pets free of ticks, fleas, worms and other dangerous parasite. Use tick and flea products on them, keep their environments neat and deworm them regularly.
Allergies – There are lots of factors that can cause allergies in dog. Dogs can be allergic to food, dust, smoke and lots more. Allergies can make your dogs skin to be greasy. Pesticides and insecticides also has the potential to cause allergy in dog and in fact such items are poisonous to dogs. Therefore you should ensure your dogs do not come close to such items. Certain type of human product such as soap also has the potential to cause allergies in dogs. You should consider changes to the environment or diet if you experience allergic reaction in your dogs.
Skin infections – Just the way skin infection affect humans that how it also affects dogs. Your dog’s skin can become dry if infected with a skin disease. Nutritional imbalances, thyroid hormones and dirt’s can make your dogs have skin infection. For bacterial infection you can observe it by looking at your dog’s body carefully. If you discover tiny red bums on the skin of your dog then you should know it is a bacterial infection. Your dogs can also suffer from fungal infections, and in this case their skin can become oily and greasy.

Pain, Aches and Soreness
If your dog steps on a sharp object, of hit his body hard against some walls then they can feel pain which in return can cause them to chew on that area. Thorns, sharp pieces of glass and other objects that are stuck in their body can also cause irritation and make them chew on themselves. Another source of pains in dogs Is arthritis and dogs react to it. Some may start chewing on the affected part excessively.
Psychological reasons – Just like humans dogs develop Psychological problems. Dogs require constant companionship, stimulation and attention in other to be mentally balanced. When they becomes lonely and bored the can develop unwanted behaviors such as constant chewing of themselves. You must find ways to keep your dog’s mentally stable always. Give them attention, socialize them and give them toys to play with in order to overcome Psychological issues

Final notes.
To identify the reasons for constant chewing is pretty easy to identify in dogs. Endeavour to always keep a close eye on them and try to resolve chewing issues before it escalates. If you can’t determine the cause of chewing then have a Vet examine your dog and give them medication or care to resolve it. A stitch in time saves 9 so always play the active role of a responsible dog owner and keep your dogs in the best possible physical and mental conditions