Training your Puppy on taking treats gently, stop Nipping and biting.

Some puppies do not know how to take treats gently and maybe bite while taking items from your hands. The danger in working on this is if your dog doesn't get the treat right away, she may get more frustrated and grab harder for it the next time.

If you use the technique  described, to avoid getting your dog frustrated you will want to start with feeding him the treat for all but the most rough grabs (say one in 5) and then gradually start getting pickier as he improves.

This will go faster if you feed him kibble by hand (no tricks required) using the following technique:

Get his food bowl with kibble in it. Hold out a piece of kibble in a way that you can keep it if he bites down hard. If he mouths hard say "ouch" and put the kibble back in the bowl and put the bowl up for a minute or two. Repeat Repeat Repeat. Make sure you are not doing the ouch routine for more than 1 in 5 times of offering the kibble. Begin to get more and more sensitive (making sure that e gets the treat 4 out of 5 times still). Once he is doing great for this, try working on it in other contexts.

While you are working on this with his food bowl, I suggest that for training and other times you feed treats, deliver the treat in a way that will just avoid the possibility of him mouthing you hard (toss it perhaps) until you are getting progress with his meal.

Biting and Nipping

You Want to teach your puppy to stop biting you? Puppies nip to play, to get attention and because they are teething. The good news is that almost puppies grow out of nipping naturally. It is very important to avoid getting frustrated and resorting to punishments / corrections which could damage your relationship down the road.

It is also important to teach your puppy how delicate human skin is, so let him experiment a bit and to give him feedback (say "yipe!" and remove your attention) when your puppy bites too hard. If you get more and more sensitive to nips he will soon find that humans are very sensitive and respond accordingly with her teeth.

Puppy nipping is a very easy to stop because we KNOW what the pup wants - to play and chew! So, give him lots of available chew toys and then whenever he nips, walk away from him and ignore him (if he follows nipping at your heels you need to use a tie back, time out or gate). And when he's gentle stay and play. Don't forget: This too will pass!


Always have a toy in your hand to play with your puppy so he can make a correct choice (unless you are doing the practice in #2).Exercise your puppy to get rid of excess energy (1 hour per day).Make sure your puppy is getting enough rest (12 hours per day).Have lots of great chew toys around to get him through teething (frozen wet rags, frozen raw marrow bones).

Don't leave kids and dogs unattended. Teach kids not to run and scream from nipping puppies but to quietly walk away or stop moving. Use a tie-back (only under supervision), gate or time-out area more frequently as a management tool if the above is not working. Sometimes bitter spray on clothing can help ease nipping at clothing and shoes.


Tie your puppy back or put him in a room with a gate that you can quickly climb over or open. Begin playing with him. Praise him for being gentle, but when he nips say "yipe" (like a puppy would) and quickly walk away. Wait 1 minute. Return and give him another try.

Practice in 2-3 minute sessions with each family member taking a turn.The tie-back method also works well for other attention getting behaviors such as jumping up, barking and humping.

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