Clicker Training

If you are an ardent reader of dog's training methods, you’ve Mabee heard of the clicker method in dogs training. 

The clicker method is the association of positive feeling with the sound of a clicker. 

It makes use of classical conditioning , Pavlov’s method associating tasty treats with the sound of a clicker.


Importantly there's a right way to let your dog associate the clicker with something positive ;



Go to sit or stand by your dog.


Make a click sound either with a clicker or with your mouth or with your fingers



Immediately give your dog a tasty treat every time you make the specific clicker sound(you must be very consistent and specific with the sound, so pick a sound and stick to it.)


Do this several times everyday for 7 days, until you are sure you dog gets excited and salivate everytime you make the clicker sound, because she would be anticipating a tasty treat.


You have to repeat this clicker sounds at unexpected times, situation and places, so that your dog understands that the clicker sound means the same positive thing anytime anywhere and anyhow.



What's the importance of clicker sound training ?


You can reward your dog from a distance, where giving treats isn't feasible. Example for working dogs, that do agility training. You cannot give your dog a treat for every hurdle they jump while running when you signal for a jump 🤷🏾‍♂... But you can instantly click reward them for every jump they get right 😉👍🏾 without having to stop the agility training to reward with a treat.


Note: It's important that you keep reinforcing the classical conditioning of the clicker, so that the dog keeps associating the click with something positive, anytime you are free with your dog. You do this by making the clicker sound and giving treats several times during the day. That way, the clicker will retain it's positive meaning to the dog.

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