Help for Dogs with excessive barking

Barking is a completely natural behavior for dogs, but we humans don’t always appreciate it. Sometimes it disturbs our sleep and worries the neighborhood.

But dogs think they have a good reason to bark, so the first thing to do is figure out why he wants to bark in what you consider the most inappropriate time.

Does he bark at night, morning or afternoon without any potential intruder? Try to find out why.

Some dogs bark while their owner or who they regard as the leader of the park is not around.

If you aren’t home while the barking is going on, you may need to stage a scenario over the weekend to find out. Pretend that you are leaving and then come back to spy on the dog.

What is Your Dog Barking at?

Does he bark at every movement he sees?  There's an easy fix for this is to simply block the view. Confine the dog inside the house or pen. He won’t bark at what he does not see.

If he barks at things like the sound of lizards or bird's play some music or the television, loud enough to cover outside noises.

And If the dog seems to be barking at nothing, he’s likely bored. Boredom, due to lack of exercise and mental stimulation, is probably the biggest reason for excessive barking. Dogs need to be exercised and they need lots of space and toys else they might resort to barking excessively.

Think honestly about whether your dog is getting enough exercise and play. How would you feel if you were locked up at home all day with no cell phone, tablet, computer or even television or radio? Think if you don't even av a book to read. You’d get bored pretty fast and in no time depression might set in.  When a dog is locked up it can make him go insane and bcome excessively aggressive.

A young, energetic dog needs lots of exercise and attention from you especially during adolescent age. Thirty minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise in the morning will go a long way toward helping your dog settle down.

You may need to also exercise your dog in the afternoon or evening but avoid doing it excessively. 

You should give your dog food, puzzle toys, hollow rubber toys, that can be stuffed with treats are great entertainment for dogs. You can also leave bone toys for your dogs. Give your dog something fun to do while you are gone.

Try to have varieties of different toys to Keep every day while you are away, busy or sleeping.

Does your dog bark for attention? Don’t give him any! None at all, even stern reprimands count as attention for him. If you tell a dogs to be quite he might but he has still gotten the attention. And then other times he would still bark.

Rather if your dog is calm you reward him for that with a treat and not when his barking.

Here’s How to Teach Your Dog a Cue To Stop Barking:

Have some high value treats ready. They should be  small and soft so they can be eaten quickly. While the dog is barking, just wait for him to stop. When he does stop, wait a beat, praise, and give him a treat.

Gradually increase the time he must be quiet before rewarding him with a treat. If he starts barking, take a few steps backward and make the duration less. Once he seems to be understanding, add a word like Freedom quiet, and be consistent with this.

It is unreasonable to expect your dog to never bark as barking is the way they communicate with the world, but you can teach him some control.

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