DogData’s transformational data management

Data privacy has become very important with the increasin number of hackers and malware on the internet. People and organizations are taking better approaches to ensure that their personal data is not compromised. When you data becomes compromised it can lead to a whole lot of negative consequences such as money theft, insurance claim, an organizational data breach can lead to your top secret getting into the hands of your competitor, a personal data breach can also lead to identity theft.

However do you know that no matter the measures you take in protecting your data it can still get into unwanted hands through social media and search engine organizations?

Social media organisation have become so big partly due to the customers information they sell to individuals and other entities. Billions of people are on the major social media platforms and billions of information’s are sold on a daily basis.

It is estimated that Facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube has a bergamot 6.5 billion users. Thats alot of personal and organization data at the hands of social media companies .

Organisations such as Facebook, Google (Alphabet), amazon and the rest gather information’s from their users and sell to individuals and organisations for marketing and statistical purposes. Whether you like it or not they collect a lot of personal information about users including email addresses, contact details, private messages and even little things like your location and the strength of your battery. All these information’s are sold without your consent and unfortunately there is not much you can do about it.

Big organizations also sell users data between themselves and these acts can be intrusive. They share users information without permission and your personal information are not so secured. Retail giants and organizations such as Wal-Mart, Netflix, Shopify and lots more gets access to even users private messages and chats for their marketting purposes. These information’s are sold without the users benefiting from it. Just the organizations that sell and buy benefits while users data is been compromised.

By the look of it more and more social media and search engines are coming on board with the same aim of selling users information without rewarding the users. Dogdata seem to be an exception where customer’s information is shared only with their consent and they also benefit from sharing their data. For Facebook, Google and other organizations they make money selling your information but the norm is different with DogData. You share only information you are pleased to share and you benefit for sharing those information’s. This is a way of getting additional money to take care of your pets and yourself while helping the Dog community and ensuring the responsible ownership of dogs.

DogData was founded by a team of passionate Dog experts, veterinarians, Groomers, and other functional experts. The mission is to promote responsible dog ownership, clear misconceptions about dogs, facilitating the solutions for the welfare of dogs around the world and helping users monetize their dog passion.

DogData ensures that members get a lot of useful information by sharing data between themselves while been rewarded. This is transformational, futuristic and a complete game changer in the dog industry. It’s a way of ensurimg people are able to get the right informations dog products and dog care information. This goes a long way in solving the problems associated with living and taking care of your pets while at the same time ensuring that information is not horded by big dog enterprises.

Dogdata members decide on information to share and you benefit from sharing those information. Access to customer’s data is restricted by the user and access is usually provided on a need to know basis, such as dog registration, vaccination details, users contact address in the case of sales when the product needs to be shipped down and lots more of other dog related information.

How we manage your data at DogData

Data privacy and Security: At DogData we understand the importance of data security / privacy and that is why we let you decide on the type of information you share. No third party would have access to your information without your consent. We deploy cutting edge technologies in developing our applications and we ensure applications are well encrypted. There are no vulnerability, no data breaches and you can completely count on us that we do not secretly collect your information without your consent. Furthermore, DogData’s customer data is protected by firewall and fully compliant with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). When take the necessary steps to protect your data becouse we understand a that a data breach can cause reputational damage, trust issues and lots moreof other negative consequences.

User managed data Access: No one else have access to your data but only you. You are the one that determines the information to share and those you do not want to share. People access the internet through various devices and connections and the rate of vulnerability is greatly on the rise lately. We have taking the necessary steps to ensure that only you can share your data from our platform.

All data is paid for: You would get financial reward for any information you decide to share. You grant access to your data to other dog owners to promote dog welfare and you benefit for sharing your data. This is revolutionary and for the first time dog owners would benefit by sharing the information’s of their dogs with community members. DogData will pay you for every information you share with Etherbone Tokens. While other businesses adopts a model where they sell user information for their own benefit alone DogData gives you a platform to monetize your pasion.

Data Sharing for common goals: At DogData we built this model in other to promote dog welfare. Dog owners shares a common goal and one of the ways of ensuring those goals is through information sharing. For example you can decide to share the products used by your dog with another dog owner to promote the welfare of their dogs. You can provide informative that would be valuable in enhancing the breeding of other dogs, predict the outcome of the breeding, predict temperament, health conditions, reducing genetic defects and lots more.


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