​​​​​​​Grooming A Pregnant Female Dog   

Have you ever been pregnant or been around someone that's pregnant? Just the way pregnant humans feel that's the same way pregnant bitches also feel. They feel uncomfortable, they feel emotional and they could become unpredictable as well due to discomforts or actions of hormones.

So while handling them you need to be cautious.

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for anyone including your dogs and other animals as a result hormonal changes and inconvenience. Dogs need to be handled gently to avoid injury to unborn puppies and to mother. Take your time, ensure you are not putting pressure on any area that would cause injury or discomfort to your expectant dog such as the abdomen and mammary glands. While grooming make sure she's not under stress. If she is then you've got to stop. Make her clean and free of excess hair and debris. Perform grooming with extra care

Be sure to pay attention and stop or adjust grooming methods if you observe signs of stress in a pregnant dog. Also, be careful not to handle or groom your dog in a way that would increase her discomfort. Avoid pressure on the belly and near mammary glands that might injure unborn puppies or milk ducts.
A pregnant dogs needs extra care and caution while grooming. It is important for you to learn the tricks of grooming a pregnant dog before you proceed.

Pregnant bitches needs grooming just like any other dog. She needs to be clean and excess hairs needs to be removed from her body before she whelps. You also need to take care of the mammary region

There are a few things you need to know and be very cautious about while grooming a pregnant bitch.

When handling your pregnant dog, do not put pressure on her belly or abdominal area region as this can cause the pregnancy to be aborted or injure the babies as earlier mentioned.

Don't use any form of chemical bath on her.
You should pick up a pregnant dog by putting one arm around her chest and the other around her back legs under the tail area, so you can handle her when grooming. Also, a pregnant dog will have mammary glands that's filling up with milk, and nipples will be protruding, and engorged, prior to whelping. Be careful when grooming, trimming or clipping the abdomen, not to interfere with the teats or put pressure on any  mammary glands. Putting pressure on mammary glands because a few days prior to whelping can result in milk being expressed out.

The first set of milk a bitch produces is colostrum, which the puppies need to boost their immune and you do not want to lose it or interfere with or injure the milk ducts while grooming

Items you need:
Slicker Brush

Brush her daily

You have to regularly brush your pregnant bitch with a soft brush to remove debris everyday. Do not put pressure on the abdomen as earlier mentioned and do not use a stiff bristled brush on delicate areas.

Prepare a safe bath

Pregnant dogs should be bathed about one week prior to their due dates to remove debris and bacteria and to remove excess hair. Pick your pregnant dog up carefully by putting one arm behind her hind legs, under the tail area, and one arm around her chest. Be sure to hold her securely so she does not fall, but avoid putting pressure on her abdomen. Place your dog in a safe, secure bath she cannot jump out of. Restrain her if necessary to make sure she does not injure herself by attempting to jump out of the tub and use a non-slip surface so she does not slip. Make her water worm but not hot and then bath her gentle with an oatmeal shampoo and avoid using human shampoo on pregnant bitches.

Clean and avoid scrubbing the genital area and her mammary glands with excess shampoo, which can disturb natural bacteria and result in a yeast infection. Clean the genital area from front to back to avoid contaminating genitals with feces. If contaminated it can cause Ecoli.

After bathing her you rinse her thoroughly to remove shampoos and shops on her body.

And then its time to dry her

Dry carefully by gently rubbing your dog with a clean, dry towel. Avoid pressure on the abdomen or near mammary glands. Use a blow dryer on the lowest setting with caution please.

For trimming you can do that before or after bathing. It does not matter.

Trim long or excess hair carefully from around teats, genitals, and anus, to prevent contamination during whelping, which would make it easier for puppies to nurse.

Shave the groin and genitals and be very careful not to allow blades to become overheated--check them frequently on your wrist. If they are hot, stop clipping and let them cool.

Make blades clean and well oiled. Apply disinfectants on them after use.

Do not clip too close or cause irritation in her body and avoid contaminating genitals with debris from rectal area. Clip front to back.

General rules.

Do not pick your pregnant bitch up with your arm under the abdomen. Put your arm under the tail area, behind hind legs. And make sure not to apply pressure on the abdomen.

Make sure the dog has good footing at all times when being groomed so she does not slip and injure her pelvis or abdominal area.

Keep your dog clean prior to whelping, but avoid over grooming, which could cause skin irritation.

Avoid contamination of genitals with fecal material. Keep the area clean, work from front to back.

Be careful of the mammary area and teats. Work around these areas gently but keep them clean and free of excess hair.

You should be aware of your pregnant dogs mood changes and make sure not to stress her.

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