Kennel club Puppy Registrations during the Corona Virus Crisis


The Novel Corona virus has greatly exposed how fragile the pet industry is and despite kennel club’s existing for hundreds of years the kennel industry was never as strong as it seemed.

Generally the world economy isn’t as strong as it looked. There have been record low interest rates which means economies would go on recession and it would be very difficult to recover from the recession as researched by our economist at DogData. All most every industrial sector has been hit hard by the outbreak of coronavirus. The most affected sectors include consumer services, transportation, entertainment, pet industry. But did you know that those sectors have been hit hard but some of them still function in some capacity which is not the case with the dog and kennel industry. The outbreak of the coronavirus has grounded activities of pet and kennel industries to zero and has exposed how fragile they are. Kennel industries are completely closed and people cannot effectively register their dogs. Kennel industries cannot also provide documents required for puppy sales because they are probably in isolation or hiding somewhere to be safe.

Breeders all around the world are facing tighter deadlines and most of them keep on waiting endlessly for the outbreak of coronavirus to come to a halt before they can complete the sales of their dogs. These fatalities are causing downtime but do you know that Blockchain technology can solve these issues?

The situation is getting worse and dog breeders around the world are faced with massive financial loss but there is a solution for you with DogData smart contract that runs on the block chain technology.

Last week there was a brutal downtime around the world which indicate that the world economy is on a path to recession. However you have the choice to remain grounded as a breeder or you make use of DogData Smart Contract to ease the sales of your puppy.


We have developed a sales contract that can be used to facilitate the sales of your pets no matter your location. You can find it at

Instead of waiting endlessly for kennel clubs to resume activities you can use our smart contract to prepare sales agreements. You can also register your dogs on our website

Puppy buyers can do a simple thing to avoid problems with breeder. Breeders can also enforce the sales terms and condition using DogData Smart contract. it is always useful and extremely important to spell out the understanding on each side.


Every information about the dog and the terms and conditions would be perfectly captured Here are the summarized checklist that is captured by the smart contract.


Our smart contract runs on the block chain technology and it comes with a lot of advantages. We are also the first and only organization in the world to adopt block chain technology for smart contract in the dog industry

Many people associate the block chain technology with crytocurrency but crytocurrency is just one of the applications of block chain technology. Many other sectors immensely benefit from the technology including the pet industry. At DogData we have taking advantage of the block chain technology to develop our smart contract to ease the sales of dogs around the world.  Here are the top advantages of block chain technology for our smart contract.


DogData is closely monitoring the situation of the coronavrus (COVID-19) outbreak. We encourage all dog owners, breeders, judges, exhibitors and only associated with dogs to stay safe. We would continually provide cutting edge technological solutions to ensure the responsible ownership of dogs. We would also ensure to provide technological solutions to enable to smooth sales of pets around the world despite the outbreak of the virus. While other clubs are running and hiding we are out here looking for a solution as a result of our responsibility to dog owners all around the world.






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