Canine Coronavirus Vaccine

Have your dogs been vaccinated against Canine Coronavirus?

Most people are hearing about the Coronavirus for the first time in late 2019 and some in 2020. But did you know that coronavirus has existed for about 50 years? The human coronavirus responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome also known as SARS was first identified in 2003. But the Canine Coronavirus strain and other strains have been known for about 50 years. The Canine Coronavirus causes life-threatening symptoms in some dogs.  The coronavirus is a family tree of viruses with many types and a new strain was discovered in 2019 known as the COVID 19 which is different from the canine coronavirus. There is also a Feline Coronavirus (FCoVs) strain which affects cats.


Most people are not aware of the Canine Coronavirus vaccine. The chances of your dog becoming infected with any of the coronaviruses increases if your dog is not vaccinated against it. The virus causes Canine Coronavirus infection (CVV). Its an intestinal disease and it is highly contagious. It primarily causes diarrhea in dogs and your dogs can shed the virus for as much as 6 months and in some cases, it is short-lived. Young puppies are most at risk of contracting the virus and in some cases, it can cause life-threatening complications. Dogs usually shed the virus through feces and other dogs can contract it when they come into contact with the feces of an infected dog. Other symptoms of the canine coronavirus infection include anorexia, vomiting, and mild fever. 

Origin of the Virus:

The virus is a member of the Coronaviridae family which has many strains including COVID-19. It is called coronavirus because when viewed from the microscope it has a ring of projections and typically appears like a coronet or a small crown made up of ornaments that are fixed on a metal ring. This is why it is called Coronavirus. There are various strains of the coronavirus and each affects domestics animals and humans in various forms. It is important to know that Canine Coronavirus (CCoV) is a different strain of SARS – CoV-2 that causes COVID-19. Even though there is no vaccine for COVID-19, having your dogs vaccinated against other forms of coronavirus goes a long way in keeping them healthy. You should also know that Canine Coronavirus (CCoV) can be transmitted from dogs to humans. While COVID-19 can be transmitted from humans to dogs as well.

How is canine coronavirus (CCoV) transmitted?

The majority of the transmission of canine coronavirus from one dog to the other is primarily through contact with the feces of an infected dog. This is why it is necessary to always clear up the feces of your dogs so that other pets do not come in contact with it. It can also be transmitted when an uninfected dog eats from the bowl of an infected dog or direct contact with an infected dog. Coming in contact with the feces of an infected dog or the feces of an infected dog can also expose humans to the virus.

Crowding and unsanitary conditions lead to coronavirus transmission in dogs so it is important to keep your dogs away from crowded animal environments if your dogs are not vaccinated against coronavirus. You should also practice good hygiene always.

Incubation Period:

The incubation period of coronavirus from ingestion to clinical signs is one to four days. While the duration of the coronavirus illness is short-lived in most cases. The duration lasts two to ten days in most dogs and in some cases dogs can shed the virus for up to 6 months. When your dogs are infected with coronavirus Secondary infections by bacteria, parasites, and other viruses may also develop which would typically prolong illness and recovery in your dogs.

 Are there diseases that have symptoms of canine coronavirus?

The best thing to do is to vaccinate your dogs against Canine Coronavirus so that your dogs would be adequately protected. It would also ensure that when symptoms arise you do not confuse it with the virus. The primary symptom of coronavirus in dogs is diarrhea however there are several illness that causes diarrhea in dogs as well. An example is parvovirus. Therefore, it is important to see your veterinarian if your dog experiences diarrhea for more than 24 hours.

Is there a treatment for canine coronavirus?

The best thing to do as a responsible dog owner is to vaccinate which would ensure your dogs are protected against the virus. There is no specific treatment against the Canine Coronavirus. Some Vets use antibiotics but in some cases, they are completely ineffective. Antibiotics in most cases would simply fight against secondary infections. Usually experienced Vets would withhold food for around 24 hours to help with diarrhea and then gradually introduce food to the dog. For dehydrated dogs, vets would also administer intravenous fluids to correct the fluid and electrolyte imbalances. In coronavirus infection, early medical intervention is the key to successful treatment, especially in severe cases.

What about vaccines?


There are Canine coronavirus vaccines but they were optional vaccines before now. They are optional because they are not recommended for all dogs and will be administered based on your dog's lifestyle and risk assessment. However, these vaccines have become compulsory with the outbreak of the novel COVID-19. This is because scientists suspect that either strain of the coronavirus family can mutate to be deadly. Therefore all dogs must be vaccinated against Canine coronavirus so that they do not transmit it to humans and endanger us further.


When should I vaccinate my dogs?


Most people do not know when to vaccinate their dogs due to the loss of documentation records and most people even though they are aware may not be able to remember the actual time when their dogs need further vaccination. Initial vaccination of the Canine Coronavirus vaccine should be given at about 6 weeks and repeated 2 -4 weeks later. If you don’t vaccinate your dogs they may be carriers of the virus. Most breeders are not able to provide vaccination records of their dogs and for those that have carried out the vaccination how do they effectively prove that? Most people nowadays easily forge vaccination cards which can truly be misleading and endanger the lives of the dogs when you purchase them.

In some cases, dogs are vaccinated against canine coronavirus but most people do not know what their dogs are been vaccinated against. So how do you tell if your dog has been vaccinated against coronavirus, how do you prove it to your puppy buyers? There is a massive problem all around the world with vaccination records and in most cases, only pure breed owners can tell what their dogs have been vaccinated against. Even with pure breeds owners, it is difficult to keep the entire vaccination records of all their dogs. Additionally, dogs that have had the standard European vaccination may also be the only ones that have had the vaccine against canine coronavirus. Did you know that you may be living with an unvaccinated dog (Canine Coronavirus Vaccine) like millions of dog owners all around the world?

Now here is the bigger problem. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 how do you tell if your dog has been vaccinated against Canine CoronaVirus? You may not be able to tell because third party agents responsible for vaccination records such as kennel clubs and other organizations are completely closed. If you have your vaccination records then good for you, but if you bought the dog after two months of age and you don’t have the papers your veterinarian would not be able to help you find out if your dogs had coronavirus vaccination already. This could put you and your dogs at greater risk. Did you know that the highest number of countries with coronavirus outbreak are those with the highest number of dogs per household? There is also more coronavirus related deaths in those countries and there is obviously a correlation.

The countries include

USA, Finland, Italy, France, Uk, China

Scientist are suggesting that in these countries people are exposed to the canine coronavirus strain and also COVID-19 strain at the same time. When humans are continually exposed to these strains of coronavirus it leads to mutations, becomes more lethal and causes more deaths.  Therefore it is important to vaccinate your dogs against canine Coronavirus so that you do not potentially expose yourself to different strains of the Coronavirus. The problem now is most people want to vaccinate their dogs against Canine Coronavirus but do not have the records as a result of the closure of kennel clubs to provide the records. More exposure to the coronavirus strains is causing mutations that have become a silent killer in some countries with a high population of dogs.

The solution

It is very interesting to know that DogData is always looking for solutions with technological tools to solve the problems of dog owners around the world. We have developed a blockchain technology that can handle the vaccination records of your dogs which is called,

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