How the Dog breeding industry is affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus

How the dog breeding industry is affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus

The world has been greatly affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. A lot of people have lost their jobs and a lot have lost their businesses. The outbreak has hit a lot of industrial sectors and everyone seems to be scrambling for their lives at the moment. Global shares have taken a huge hit and there has been a big shift in the stock market and companies are been bought and sold. Investors are all afraid to invest because they think the outbreak would destroy economic growth and government around the world may not be able to stop the economic decline. In response, the central bank of several European countries are slashing interest rate and elsewhere in the U.S, the number of people filing for unemployment is on a record high.

What about the Travel sector? The travel sector is one of the most severely hit sectors in the world. Airlines have been cutting flight and tourist all around the world has been canceling their trips. Business people have also been canceling their business trips. The government of European countries and all over the world has placed enormous travel restrictions which have greatly resulted in the demise of the travel sector. The European Union has banned travelers for 30 days in a move to seal its borders and the number of flights across Europe and other parts of the world have taken a huge hit.

Elsewhere in China where the outbreak started Factories have greatly slowed down and industrial productions, sales, and investment have greatly been hit. China alone makes up a third of global manufacturing and is also the largest importer of goods around the world but restrictions have greatly affected its supply chain. It is estimated that Chinese car sales, for example, have dropped a massive 86%.


Did you know that the economic impact of the outbreak is so great that even traditionally safer investments have taken a massive hit? For example, Gold is traditionally considered a safe investment in terms of uncertainty. But recently the price of gold has taken a big hit because investors fear the impending recession. The oil sector has also taken a massive hit and prices of crude are at a record low since 2001.

Although the impact of the outbreak has hit a lot of industrial sectors none of the sectors has gone down 100%. Most of them still function to a degree. However, one sector hit the most is the pet sector and it is 100% none functional. This is because the pet registry governed by the kennel clubs is unavailable. All the dog organization is on a complete shutdown hiding away from the virus and people cannot get the information they need to process their dog sale.




Dog breeders are still having litters and they cannot get their puppies registered with kennel clubs. Veterinarians are also not able to register vaccination records of dogs. This would cause a lot of ripple effects for dog breeders and dog owners all around the world even after the outbreak is over.

In most parts of Europe, people cannot even touch money because of the fear of infection. If they can’t touch money how much more can they touch a dog certificate?. It's really a precarious state at the moment for dog breeders and dog owners all around the world.


There are a lot of dog breeders with litters who may wish to sell their puppies but because these kennel clubs are not functional to provide certificates, records and other vital information required to process the sale dog breeders are greatly handicapped. Elsewhere in African most breeders are already giving out their puppies to their neighbors and friends for free because they can’t process the sale of their dogs for those that rely on kennel clubs for dog registry. Puppies are getting older, breeders can no longer feed them and there is no way to sell the puppies due to the closure of kennel clubs.

Why is the problem so enormous for the pet industry? Kennel clubs and other dog organizations are in charge of dog registry including certification, vaccination records, and other medical records. They run a centralized database system where they completely govern the pet records. When they are not available then no one can get the information to process their dog sale. The outbreak of the coronavirus has greatly exposed the limitations associated with the centralized pet registry system.


What is the solution?

As a way of promoting the welfare of dogs, DogData has carried out a deep dive into how to solve the problems associated with the centralized system of the pet record system. We came up with a theory which we call “The DogData assumption reversal theory” and this is how it goes. Assumption reversal is a situation whereby you take the core notions in any context, discipline or context and then turn them on their head. It’s like going against the norm and of course, everyone knows that the norm in most areas of life is drastically changing. Here is a practical explanation of our theory


A couple of years back if you want to set up a taxi company, the first thing you would think of is to own a lot of Cars for your Taxi ride business. Now apply assumption reversal and turn that notation upside down and the reversal is that you do not need to own any car to run a Taxi company. Did you know that the biggest Taxi Company in the world today owns absolutely no cars? Yes, you heard me right, the biggest Taxi company by a mile which is UBER have no vehicles.


We are living through disruptions and the world has greatly changed. A lot of things are rapidly changing and so we have deployed cutting edge technological solutions to develop a system we call PedigreeChain Blockchain Explorer and it is disrupting the pet system of dog registry. In the past, the assumption is that you need to register your dogs with the Kennel clubs that run a centralized pet registry system. You also need records from those bodies to process the sale of your dog. All that would become prehistoric very soon and you need to move with the trend. The trend is blockchain technology and you do not need a third party to register your dogs and also process the sales of your dogs.


The PedigreeChain Blockchain Explorer runs on the block-chain technology and dog breeders, Dog owners, Veterinaries do not need third parties to capture their pet records or to process sales of their dogs. You can access the solution from where ever you are and the block-chain technology ensures data accuracy and data security through encapsulation and advanced algorithms. The advantages of our solution cannot be overemphasized and it is the future of tomorrow’s breeders and dog owners. You can use the solution at no cost, simply navigate to and have a feel of the technological breakthrough



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