Can I walk my Dog in Italy during the coronavirus outbreak?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy people have been very confused about the restrictions. Can you take your dogs out on a walk? Can kids go to the playground? Can you go to the bank? These and many questions have swirled since the outbreak of Coronavirus. The Government of Italy imposed strict measures as a way of saving life in Italy as with many other countries.


Since March 22, Lombardy, where the virus outbreak is the most in Italy, can no longer go out except for walking their Dogs for no more than 200 meters from their home. This is also the case with many other parts of Italy and it seems the government has compassion for Dogs more than humans. Maybe because dogs have been man best friends for many centuries and they realize the importance of walking your dogs at this critical time.

Lombardy has been the forefront of the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy and the region accounts for around 50 percent of the total outbreak of the virus. The region was the first to put restrictions on movements but reports indicated that some continued to abuse the rules. Lately, the city has imposed more measures and anyone caught breaking the rules would be fined as much as €5,000 in Lombardy whiles the fine in other parts of Italy is €206. But despite the rules and the increasing number of coronavirus cases dog owners can still go out on a short walk with their dog. Surely one of the blessings that come with dog ownership.

The new coronavirus causes in most cases only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough but a few people would show no symptoms. However, the virus is known to affect older people most. The virus also has a strain that affects dogs which are known as the Canine Coronavirus and one of the ways of keeping your pets safe is by vaccinating them against the Canine Coronavirus. However, there is no vaccine for the strain that affects humans for now.

People are greatly faced with conflicting information from the Italian government, police and their fellow citizens. However as a way of promoting the welfare of people DogData has taking the initiative to clarify the restrictions in Italy. Here are they.

No visits even to your second home

Residents are strongly forbidden from visiting relatives and friends. You must stay in your main residence alone. If you have other properties you must stay away from them as well

Hotels to close

All tourist accommodation, including hotels and Airbnbs apartments, must remain closed. However, those in the following circumstances will be allowed to stay in the hotels or other commercial apartments

University dormitories, hostels, homeless shelters and accommodation that are managed by religious orders are not subject to the restrictions.

One person per family at the shops

Only one member of each family is allowed to go on shopping for essential commodities unless the person can prove that they need assistance from another family member

No more vending machines

Food, drinks and vending machines selling are no longer allowed to operate.

Building work halted

All construction work is suspended unless it's to build/maintain vital infrastructure. Repairs of vital structures that pose a risk to people can also be carried out.

Only essential businesses open

Supermarkets, pharmacies, newsagents and other essential items should remain open

Dog walk for not more than 20 meters from your home

Why is dog walk so important at this time?

Regular exercise with your dog is good for both your health and your dog's health and it can help people relieve stress at this troubled time. There's nothing like a dog been your exercise partner who's waiting by the door with a wagging tail to keep you motivated and excited. Over many centuries dog owners have enjoyed a lot of benefits including social benefits from owning dogs. Some of the health benefits of walking your dogs include improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones (built up by walking regularly), and decreased stress which is absolutely needed in a time when coronavirus is ravaging the world.

Walking with your dog is also beneficial to your pet because it can help reduce the chances of obesity. Obesity is associated with a lot of other medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and insulin resistance etc. Most dogs would need a walk at least once a day especially active dogs while some may require more. The age and breed of your dog is also a factor of how many walks your dog would require. It is exciting that the Italian The Government of Italy understands the benefits of walking dogs and eased the restrictions on dog owners as a result. However, it is important to adequately protect your dogs and yourself while going out on a walk. Stay a few distance away from other people, properly protect your face and that of your dog's face with musk and ensure to do a thorough clean up when you return.

Stay safe and stay strong while we wait for the outbreak to come to a halt and normal life stops been like a movie.




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