How Often Do You Walk Your Dog?

Most dogs tolerate up to 10–12 hours between walks. It is enough to walk with them twice a day-in the morning and in the evening. But if your dog has problems with the nervous or genitourinary system, the number of walks can increase to three or four a day.

With puppies walk more often-every 2–3 hours. They can’t stand it any longer for physiological reasons, so don’t scold them for home mistakes. For a couple of months, the puppy will enter the mode and get used to tolerate between walks for six hours or longer.

The length of the walk depends on the age and breed of the dog.

For calm, decorative, or age-related dogs, one and a half to two hours a day will be enough. For hunting and young dogs, the time increases to three or four hours. Sled dogs need to walk even more or include intensive exercise in the walk.

The morning walk is usually shorter than the evening walk — it takes 30 minutes. The evening walk is more thorough, during which the dog needs to spend all the energy accumulated during the day.

What should be included in the walk?

During the walk, the dog must have time to :

Follow these tips and your dog will be grateful to you.

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