How To Bathe Your Dog ?

If you have a dog or are thinking of welcoming a pet dog into your life, it’s important that you know about grooming and bathing care. Bathing and grooming your dog will not only keep them clean and healthy but you and your home as well.

· If you are living in the city the dog must be washed frequently — once every 1–2 weeks, because both in the air and on the ground there are a lot of different substances that pollute the animal’s hair.

· If you are living outside the city, where the dog brings only sand and plant debris, and cleans naturally, you can limit combing and washing once every 2–3 months.

· Of course, the care of the coat of representatives of different breeds differs significantly. So, long-coated individuals, especially light colors, require more frequent and careful care, and short-coated ones will feel comfortable bathing once a quarter.

What cosmetics do I need to use?

It is recommended to use special cosmetics for dogs. Other products can harm your pet’s health and lead to skin problems.

Dog skin is different from human skin: it is thinner and has a different level of acidity

How to bathe your dog?

1. Put a rubber Mat in the bath or shower so that the dog’s paws do not slip and it is more comfortable to stand;

2. The bathing water should be warm and comfortable for your hand.

3. You need to soap the dog very carefully. It is better to start from the back of the pet, then move to the paws and stomach. The head should be washed last: you need to make sure that the shampoo and water do not flow into your eyes and ears.

4. After the shower, you need to thoroughly wipe your pet, paying special attention to the ears;

5. It is important to make sure that the apartment is warm enough and there are no drafts, as a wet dog can easily catch a cold;

6. If the dog’s coat is prone to tangling, it should be combed before bathing, and then dry with a hairdryer. As in the case of water, it is important that the air was not too hot.

These tips will help you to take care of your dog in a safe way.

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