Dog Coat Care

The coat of the domestic dog refers to the hair that covers its body. The nature and quality of a purebred dog's coat is important to the dog fancy in the judging of the dog at conformation shows.

Many feel it does not make any sense, caring for their dogs especially when it comes to their coats. Some are of the opinion that since it has to be a Dog, lesser care should be given. Many dog breeders still believe that the outlook of their dogs defines who they are, and what they stand for. 

Why It Matters?

A lustrous coat signals vitality and can indicate the health status of a pet. Pets with a dry, flaky, or unkept coat may be suffering from conditions such as thyroid disease, hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's disease), kidney or liver disease, or nutritional disorders. In fact, one of the main ways your veterinarian assesses the health of your dog is by looking at the condition of her coat and skin.

A dog's coat provides insulation both from hot and cold. It keeps them dry, and it protects their largest organ – the skin – from the external environment.

The key to understanding this subject lies in finding answers to the following questions.

  1. How can I improve my dog's coat?


  2.  How can I maintain my dog's coat? 

    • Keep Your Pet Brushed and Bathed.

    • Train Your Pet.

    • Treat Any Medical Issues.

    • Keep Bedding Fresh and Clean.

    • Clean the Living Room.

    • Get the Kitchen as Healthy as Possible.


What roles does my pet’s coat play in his health?

Besides being pretty to look at, your pet's coat plays a vital role in their health; it functions as an important part of the immune system and is critical to maintaining proper hydration. The following are some of the basic functions of the coat:


The key to a healthy coat begins with your pet's diet. If you are concerned about how your dog coat looks, ask your veterinarian if an underlying nutritional or medical condition is to blame. With a clean bill of health and a proper diet, your pet will be well on his way to looking as good as any movie star dog!


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